Book recommendation: “Maktub” by Paolo Coelho


” Maktub” by Paulo Coelho

“All roads lead to the same place. You choose your own, and go to the end – don’t try to follow all the roads. ”

Paulo Coelho

This is a book of short stories, written to inspire, to help you change your thoughts, your life. This is not a book of tips and advice, this book is result of personal experiences that were written down by Paulo Coelho in his columns for Sao Paolo newspapers. This is a collection of wisdom that the writer has collected during his life. If you need something to move you, change your life, this is perfect book for you to start your weekend with it.

Paolo Coelho is one of the most popular writers today. His books were published in 93 countries and translated into 50 foreign languages from all over the world. More than 20 million copies of his books were sold. Paolo Coelho’s first world’s bestseller ” Alchemist” was sold in 15 million copies. Hi is considered to be the most popular Latin American writer since Márquez. This Brazilian writer was born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1947. some of his most important works are: “The Alchemist” ( 1988), “The Pilgrimage” ( 1987), “Brida” (1990), “Maktub” ( 1994), “By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept” ( 1994), “The Fifth Mountain” (1996), “Manual of the Warrior of Light “( 1997), “Veronika Decides to Die “(1998) etc.


“Maktub” Paula Koelja

“Svi putevi vode na isto mesto. Izaberi svoj i idi do kraja – ne pokušavaj da pratiš sve puteve! ” 

Paulo Koeljo

Ovo je knjiga kratkih priča, napisanih da inspirišu, da vam pomognu da promenite svoje misli, svoj život. Ovo nije knjiga saveta, ova knjiga je rezultat ličnih iskustava koje je zapisao pisac u svojim kolumnama u novinama Sao Paola. Ovo je skup mudrosti koje je sam pisac saznao i sakupio tokom svoj zivota.

Paolo Koeljo je jedan od napopularnijih pisaca  današnjice. Njegova dela prevedena su na 50 jezika sveta i objavljena u 93 zemlje. Odštampano je oko 20 miliona njegovih knjiga od čega samo ” Alhemičar” u 15 miliona primeraka. Paolo Koeljo se smatra najpopularnijim i najčitanijim latinoameričkim piscem posle Markesa. Ovaj Brazilski pisac rođen je u Rio de Ženeiru, 1947. godine. Neka od njegovih  najznačajnijih dela su: ” Alhemičar” (1988), “Brida” (1990), ” Valkirije” (1992), ” Maktub” (1994), ” Peta Gora” (1996), ” Prirucnik za ratnika svetlosti” (1997), ” Na obali reke Pjedre sedela sam i plakala”, ” Knjiga o sreci”, “Veronika je odlucila da umre”…


Top 15 female instagramers that will inspire you to travel the world!

ENG: Happy International Women Day to all my beautiful female readers! Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite female instagramers that inspire me every single day to travel the world and achieve my dreams! They are young, beautiful, smart and adventurous! Today, I wanted to support all  young women all over the world to chase your dreams. These girls did it, so you can, too!

SRB: Srećan vam međunarodni dan žena, drage moje čitateljke! Danas sam odlučila da sam vama podelim moje omiljene Instagram profile, koje vode jake, uspešne, pametne i pre svega, prelepe mlade žene. One me svakoga dana inspirišu da putujem i ostvarim svoje snove. Danas sam ovim postom želela da inspirišem i motivišem sve mlade žene širom sveta da verujete u svoje snove i težite njihovom ostvarenju! Ovi devojke su to uradile, uspećete i vi!

















How to be productive if you work from home?


ENG: Working from home and being  my own boss is one of the best things that had ever happened to me. You work in the environment you have created, the job you love. But, it can also be very challenging. Working in your pyjamas all day, in your bed, will not make you a successful entrepreneur. I am currently on my master studies, so I work as a freelance writer from my home. Also, I get my blog very serious and I consider it, my full-time job. So, today, I wanted to share with you some things and tips I have learned during time. You can apply these tips no matter what your job is. If you are a blogger, designer, online English teacher, writer… you can use this to make your day more productive and develop your business.

1. Make a plan!  

Every night, before I go to sleep, I write all the things that need to be done the next day. I doesn’t matter if it’s about school, blog or my freelance job. I have my amazing planner that I got from Moj Rokovnik and there I can make my monthly, weekly or daily plans. So, write every little thing that you need to do, starting from the most important one.

2. Get up early! 

Yes, I know it hard! I love to sleep, too! But what has to be done, has to be done! While I was working in a hotel a few months ago, I had to get up at 5 am and start working at 6. And I did it every single morning! So, I think it’s not hard to get up at 7 or 8 instead of 10 am. And instead of starting to work at noon, you will start at 9 am. I had problems to make myself get up earlier and now, I’m so grateful that I menage to organize my life the way I want it to be and have time for everything.

3. Create your own morning ritual! 

I recently started to do my morning and evening rituals and my life changed completely. My morning ritual look like this. I get up at 8 am, do a little morning yoga in my bed and I meditate for 10 minutes. Meditation has been a true discovery for me. I love listening guided meditations on You Tube and depending on my feelings and motivation I choose a topic. This makes me so calm and motivated. Than I finish all my morning things in the bathroom and get to the kitchen. I have my breakfast and make a cup of coffee. While I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee, I check all my Social Media account and e-mails.  After this 20 minutes of pleasure, it’s time to get the job done! I go to my desk and start working!

4. Determine your working hours! 

When I start working at home, I would get up at 10 and start working at noon. then I would work a little, check my Instagram, FB and work a little bit more. Than, I would have a lunch, work a little bit more and that watch TV show with my family. This way, I was working until midnight or 1 am. I would be so tired, wake up late the next morning and be tired, unmotivated and uninspired the whole day. So, I decide to change it! Now, I working from 9 amp until 3 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon, depending on the my assignments for that day. This way, you will not be so tired and you’ll have enough time for gym, sports, and for your friends and family.

5. Play some music! 

I love working while I have some music in background! I’m listening to all types of music depending on my mood and what I’m working on. For example, I love listening to the radio, like I’m doing right now while I’m writing this post, or some classical music, jazz etc. Music is important part of my life. Everything I do, I do it with music. Music makes me happy, motivated and eager to work!

6. Make a break! 

Making a break is an important part of working at home. After working for a few hours, I love to take a break to have a cup of coffee, some snack or even do my daily yoga. Some people love to take naps, but it just slows me down. I love working yoga on my breaks , because if relaxes my mind and boost my energy. So, do not work until you drop down, make a break and relax for a little bit!

7. Keep your Social Media accounts off your working area! 

From my personal experience, because I started to spend I love of time on my social media, I was so late with my work and couldn’t finish it all in time! So, I decided not to check my Instagram every 5 minutes and keep my phone away while I’m working! I can not imagine, what you can do in a day if you sped a little less time on social media! Try it!

8. Make a weekly plan! 

I had so much to do these days that I was completely lost! So, I decided to make my weekly plan. I plan what I’m going to do for every day in the week. For example, I’m working on my master thesis on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are reserved for my Upwork freelance writing job. Also, I made a plan when it comes to my trainings. I have my kickboxing and aerobics class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday I’m practicing yoga. Sunday is day for me and for my blog. On Sundays, I’m doing things that make me happy, have my hair and nails done, clean up my room, watch some great movies, have fun with my friends and prepare blog posts for the next week! So, I think you have realized now that I’m a real organizational freak. But it helps me and I bet this planning will help you, too!

9. Keep your working area clean!

There is a saying: ” Clean space, clean mind! “. Therefore, pick up that clothes from your room, take out all the trash you have in your working area and make it inspiring! This will make you feel more motivated and inspired to work!

10. Your desk is your office! 

Work at your desk! It doesn’t matter if it’s your dinning table or your work desk! Please, do not work in your bed, wearing your pyjamas! You will not be  productive the way you want to be! Imagine that your desk is your office! Dress up, maybe apply some make up to make you feel better and start working! You will be so productive and motivated!  This is your job, act like that! Your are your own boss, you can do anything! Just believe in your self and work hard!


SRB: Rad kod kuće i to što sam postala sama sebi šef, je nešto najbolje što mi se dogodilo! Radite u okruženju u kom se osećate opušteno i koji ste vi kreirali onako kako želite. Radite posao koji volite! Ali, isto tako, rad kod kuće može biti dosta zahtevan. Ukoliko radite ceo dan u pižamama, u svom krevetu, nikada nećete biti uspešan preduzetnik i ostvariti svoje snove! Ja sam trenutno na master studijama i honorarno radim kao pisac i bloger preko Upwork portala za slobodnjake. Pored toga, pišem svoj blog koji smatram svojim pravim poslom. Stoga sam danas želela sam vama da podelim par predloga i saveta kako da rad kod kuće učinite produktivnim i uspešnim. Ove savete sam ja naučila tokom vremena i počela da ih primenjujem u svom životu. Možete ih primenjivati i vi bez obzira kojim se poslom bavite, da li ste dizajner, pisac, nastavnik jezika, bloger…

1. Napravite plan rada! 

Svake večeri, pre spavanja, napravim listu zadataka za sledeći dan. U svom planeru koji sam dobila od prijatelja iz Mog rokovnika, upisujem sve svoje obaveze bez obzira da li su vezane za studije, posao ili blog. Volim da napravim mesečni, nedeljni i dnevni plan rada! Zapišite sve na svom spisku. Započnite sa najbitniijim obavezama sve do sitnica.

2. Ustanite rano! 

Zna da je teško! I ja volim da spavam! Ali šta se mora, mora se! Dok sam radila u hotelu, pre par meseci, ustajala sam u 5, kako bi počela sa radom u 6 ujutru. Tako da ustajanje u 7 ili 8 nije ništa strašno! Pogledajte to ovako, ukoliko ustanete u 10, počećete sa radom tek u 12. Ovako ukoliko ustanete ranije, na primer oko 8, sa radom ćete početi već u 9 i tako dobiti 3 sata više nego da ste počeli u podne! Dakle, naterajte sebe da ustanete ranije! Vremenom ćete se navići! Ja sam jako zahvalna što sam naterala sebe da sredim svoj život i krenem da ustajem ranije! Sada uspešno završavam sve svoje obaveze na vreme!

3. Osmislite svoj jutarnji ritual! 

Nedavno sam počela da primenjujem neke svoje lične rituale svakom jutra i večeri. Shvatila sam da mi ova rutina ujutru pomaže da se brže razbudim i započnem svoj dan! Dakle, ja svoj dan započinjem buđenjem u 8. Zatim odradim jutarnju jogu u krevetu kako bih se razbudila i meditiram 10 minuta. Meditacija je moje novo otkriće! Oduvek sam htela da počnem sa meditacijom i nikako mi nije polazilo za rukom. Sada, meditiram svakog jutra 10 minuta u svom krevetu uz klipove za meditaciju na You Tube-u. Nakon jutarnjeg sređivanja, doručkujem i pripremim sebi kafu. Dok uživam u svojoj kafi, proverim šta ima novo na Instagramu i Fejsbuku i proverim svoje mejlove. Onda sam u 9 spremna za rad i već na svom radnom mestu.

4. Odredite sebi radno vreme! 

Zašto je ovo važno? Bez određenog radnog vremena provodićete ceo dan za kompjuterom i nećete stići ništa da završite. Kada sam krenula sam radom kod kuće, počinjala bih sa pisanjem oko podneva, malo radila, pa zatim proverila društvene mreže, pa još malo radila, ručala, gledala seriju itd. Ovako bih ostajala do ponoći ili 1 noću da radim i sutradan bila ponovo umorna i nemotivisana za rad. Sada, krećem sa radom u 9 i radim do 3 ili 5 popodne u zavisnosti koliko posla imam. Tako imam vremena i za fizičku aktivnost i za svoje prijatelje i porodicu! Bićete mnogo produktivniji i imati vremena za sve!

5. Slušajte muziku dok radite! 

Ja bez muzike ne znam da funkcionišem! Čim ustanem pustim svoju omiljenu radio stanicu ili neki dobar mix na You Tube-u. U zavisnosti od raspoloženja i posla koji radim, biram i muziku koju slušam ( pop, house, klasična ili džez). Muzika me čini srećnom i motivisanom za rad!

6. Napravite pauzu! 

Ukoliko radite od kuće, ne znači da trebate zabušavati i praviti pauze svakih pola sata ali ne i da padnete u nesvest od posla! Stoga odvojite malo vremena da se opustite, popijete sok, užinate nešto! Ima ljudi koji vole da dremnu malo u svojoj pauzi, ali mene ta popodnevna dremka samo još više uspori! Stoga ja u svojoj pauzi radim jogu! Joga me opusti i vrati mi energiju koja mi je potrebna! Volim da u pauzi sebi skuvam kafu i uživam 15-tak minuta!

7. Odstranite društvene mreže dok radite! 

Na svom primeru sam se uverila da me društvene mreže strašno usporavaju. Ukoliko na svakih 10-15 minuta proveravate Instagram ili Fejsbuk, nećete stići ništa da uradite! Pomerite telefon u stranu i pogledajte šta ima novo na netu tek kada završite neki određeni posao! Videćete da ćete biti mnogo efikasniji i produktivniji!

8. Napravite nedeljni plan! 

Ovih dana sam imala toliko obaveza da sam se potpuno izgubila. Rešila sam da organizujem svoje vreme i podelim po danima svoje obaveze. Tako sam odlučila da ponedeljkom, sredom i petkom radim na svom master radu, utorkom, četvrtkom i subotom na svojim honorarnim poslovima a nedelja je moj dan za uživanje! Tako sam rasporedila i svoje fizičke aktivnosti! Tako ponedeljkom, sredom i petkom idem na kik boks i aerobik a utorkom, četvrtkom, subotom i nedeljom radim jogu kod kuće. Nedelja je dan za mene. Tada sređujem svoju kosu, nokte, svoj radni prostor i sobu. Nedeljom pišem blog postove za sledeću nedelju i uživam u društvu prijatelja i porodice.

9. Održavajte prostor u kome radite čistim!

Postoji izreka: ” Čist prostor, čist razum!”. Stoga, rasklonite sav lom oko vas. Izbacite sve nepotrebne stvari iz vašeg radnog okruženja! Kreirajte svoj radni prostor tako da vas čini inspirisanim i motivisanim za rad!

10. Vaš sto je vaša kancelarija! 

To što ne idete na posao svaki dan i što radite kod kuće ne znači da trebate ceo dan da provedete u krevetu, noseći pižame i radite svoj posao! Zamislite da je vaš sto ( bio on trpezarijski ili radni), vaša kancelarija! Spremite se za posao  i krenite sa radom! Obucite se lepo i našminkajte ukoliko će vas to motivisati! Tako ćete biti mnogo produktivniji i uspešniji! Ovo je vaš posao, pa se tako i ponašajte! Možete da postignete sve što želite i ostvarite sve svoje snove! Potrebno je samo da verujete u sebe i vredno radite!