Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pasta

ENG: Hi gourmands! How are you today? It's been a while since I've written the last recipe on my blog. Last articles where completely dedicated to traveling, hotels and restaurants, but now it's to for all of us to cook something by ourselves. You know that I love fast, "easy to make " recipes but … Continue reading Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pasta


Evia- Neglected Paradise

ENG: Welcome to Evia, the second largest island in Greece. This island is located in Β Aegean Sea. Evia or Euboea, is relatively new travel destination considering that tourism has started to develop here a decade ago. On the Β area of 3684 square meters, on the Evia island, you can find two main tourist centers, Pefki … Continue reading Evia- Neglected Paradise