Let this be the Year of Travel! #my_travel_wishlist


Hello you world travelers ! The new year of 2017 is very near, so I’m starting to make my schooling, business and travel plans. About my schooling and business plans and my organization I will be writing in one of the following posts, but today we’re talking about my travel wishes and planes for the next year! These are my wishes and I hope at least some of them will be fulfilled.

bregencBregenz – Austria 

cirihZurich – Switzerland

st-gallenSt Gallen- Austria

First of all, I hope I could manage to visit my best friend in Austria. She recently moved to Austria and I hope that my friend and I will visit her and see also some of the near cities like Munich, Zurich, St Gallen…And  of course, when you are in Austria, take a break and spend few days in Vienna. Why not?! I can’t wait to visit my family there again! The last time I was there, it was magical!

minhenMunich- Germany 

bratislavaBratislava- Slovakia

The airport in my home town of Nis added some amazing lines this year so I’m planning to take that chance and see some of the cities that are connected with Nis, like Milano,  Malmo and Bratislava.  Milano is one of the cities I have been waiting to visit for such a long time! I can’t wait to drink a coffee, eat gelato, shop in all these amazing shops and make that famous ” Duomo picture” in the fashion capital of Milano!

milanoMilano- Italy 

malmeMalmo- Sweden 

When you talk abut traveling, you can not miss summer vacation! Where to go this year? I pretty sure it’s going to be Greece again, but this time I really hope it’s going to be Parga and the island Corfu. These two destinations are on cost of the most beautiful sea, Ionian sea. I love these old, traditional Greek small towns, with the narrow streets, white houses, red flowers and magical blue sky and the sea.

pargaParga- Greece 

grad-krfCorfu- Greece

I hope you like my list, so please,  keep your fingers crossed for me to visit at least some of these cities. If I manage to visit these destinations, you will be able to read some new interesting travel guides.

Have a great week!  😉


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