Top 15 travel tips for beginners


1. Keep an open mind. Travelling the world educates you, opens your mind. By travelling you can learn more about cultures, nations and countries around the world. Not only that you learn more about these countries, but you also you learn how to respect all the nations, their religions and customs.

2. Pack Light. When I first started travelling around the world, I took with me a lot of unnecessary things and wardrobe. Now, I plan my outfits, and try to keep my wardrobe list as short as it can be. Take with you just the thing you really need, it will help you to move easier and actually save money on your luggage taxes if you’re travelling by plane.

3. Bring a phone or get a phone. Living in today’s world you need your phone or computer almost all the time. Nowadays, phones are like small computers, there you have all you need. You can call your family and friends, connect to internet and Skype them or chat and sand photos to them, take pictures and videos if you didn’t bring your camera with you.

4. Have some sort of itinerary. Most travel bloggers will say don’t plan too much and go with the flow. However, if you are a person with limited vacation time it’s a good idea to have at least a loose itinerary of things that interest you. So, before you start your vacation or your tip, explore and find places, museums, beaches you want to visit. Plan it by days and enjoy every moment of it.

5. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared to visit some countries that were in the war some decades or years ago. Now, those countries continue their lives, they want to be rediscovered, appreciated. Don’t be scared to visit some places you haven’t heard of before. You might be surprised. For example, my country, Serbia, was not considered that safe to travel to few years ago. I can say you, that Serbia was safe than, and it’s definitely safe now! So, do not hesitate, come to Serbia and feel the soul of our people.


6. Don’t be shy. Ask questions of locals, meet people, etc. Don’t be afraid to talk to the local people, to ask them for some help or suggestions. Locals are always friendly and willing to help. They’ll give you some advice, tips, recommend you some amazing places to visit that you never heard of or you couldn’t find it on the internet. At the end, you can become friends with them, have some great time and have some new friend to visit again, when you come back to their country.

7. Try to learn a little about the culture before you go. Exploring on the internet or in the travel guides or books is one of the most important things to do before you come to the certain country. Learning abut nation, their religion and customs is the key to understanding the lifestyle of the country you’re visiting.

8. Try to learn a little bit of the language as well. Local people appreciate if you put a little effort and learn some sentences or words on their language. You will look cute and you might find it m ore easier to explore the city is you know some words of the country you’re visiting. Also, it’s always a good thing to speak and learn as many languages as you can.

9. Try the local dishes and beer/wine for the drinkers. One of the good sides of meeting local people is that they can recommend you some amazing bars and restaurants that only locals visit. In those places, the food is always better than in popular tourist sites. Don’t go to some globally known and popular fast food places. Visit some little local family restaurant and enjoy the real small and tastes of the city you are visiting. Also, drinking local wines and drinks is like discovering the country itself.

10. Have travel insurance. Always, always, always have your traveler’s and health insurance when you are travelling abroad. It’s always good to keep yourself save and sound.


11. Keep your passport safe. Your passport is the most important document you need to take with you while you’re traveling. So, you need to keep is save and always know here are you putting it! Also, have a copy made safe in your email and at your hotel. Also, have the local embassy details with you.

12. Wake up early. Some of the advantages of the waking up earlier in the morning is the all the tourist places are less crowded and you have the most amazing lighting for your photographs.

13. Splurge a bit if you can. If your financial situation is in good position right now, why to to spend a little bit more? You can book some amazing hotel, visit as many museums you can, try some amazing cuisines, and maybe surprise your friend with taking them on the vacation with you. There are always some good things to spend money on.

14. Enjoy getting lost. This is where you can find some real hidden gems that aren’t in your guide book. Finding out some places that are not on the tourist maps are the best part of the travelling. It’s amazing when you find some hidden place, that wasn’t visited by thousands of tourists. You will be surprised what you can run into!

15. Keep on traveling! Never stop travelling! Travelling is the best education you can get! This way, you learn about geography, history, religions, languages, cuisines… There is always some new place to visit and explore. There are always some new amazing people to meet! So, keep on travelling my dear friends!


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