Top 15 small cities to visit in Europe

When you are choosing the destination you want to travel to, you are always thinking about capitals and well-known cities. But, why? Yes sure, we all wanna see Paris, London, Rome, Prague, but what about those small beautiful towns all around the Europe? Today, I’m going to give you some ideas for your next city break vacation. Here is the list of my top 15 small gorgeous towns in Europe.

1. Positano ( Italy) 

Positano in fashionable summer resort on the Amalfi Coast. Numerous celebrities visited this place and spent their vacations here. The colors of houses, bright blue sea, amazing italian cuisine and unique feeling that you will feel here, will make you fall in love in Positano! 


2. Colmar ( France) 

Colmar i s located in southeast France, in Alsace region. This sunny and colorful place has great climate for wine growing, and it’s considered the wine capital of this region. Colmar is know for its architecture, numerous museums and preserved old town.


3. Bibury ( England) 

Bibury, ” the most beautiful village in England”, as 19th century artist William Morris called it, is the most popular rural tourist destination in England. It’s known for its cute cottages, tea houses and beautiful scenery.


4. Bled ( Slovenia) 

This small town in Slovenia is well-known spa and resort, that was founded in 19th century. It’s located 50 km southwest from Ljubljana, on Bled Lake. Bled was known as elite resort during 20th century and was visited by numerous royal families. This town is also know for its vanilla and cream pastry. Triglav National Park is located near Bled.


5. Hallstatt ( Austria) 

Hallstatt is village located in southwestern Austria, on the banks of the Hallstatt Lake. In Hallstatt you can visit the oldest salt mine in Austria . Together with Dachstein mountain, this town is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List.


6. Granada ( Spain) 

Granada is located in Andalusia region, on the south of Spain. This city is know for its rich multicultural history and culture, great nightlife, the Alhambra and skiing and trekking on the nearby mountain of Sierra Nevada. Although it has a lot to offer, Granada is never over-crowded and has very pleasant climate. the best time to visit is during the spring and summer.


7. Braga ( Portugal) 

Braga is one of the most important cities in Portugal, located on the north of this country. Braga is know as ancient and modern city, with numerous historical sights to visit. Among them, there is almost 1000 years old cathedral.


8. Trebinje ( Bosnia and Herzegovina ) 

On the banks of Trebisnjica River lies one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Trebinje is important historical city with beautiful stone buildings and breathtaking scenery. During the year there are numerous festivals, events and outdoor activities in this town. Trebinje, ” the city of sun and platan trees” is know for it’s wine growing industry, family wineries and their amazing wine.


9. Giethoorn ( Netherlands)

Giethoorn is small town in Netherlands, known as Venice of the north. This is peaceful, beautiful, town, perfect for living a quite family life. You can see all its charming corners by taking a waterbus or boat ride.


10. Cesky Krumlov ( Czech Republic) 

Cesky Krumlov is located in southern Bohemia, in Czech Republic, and has around 13 000 residents. On the banks of Vltava River, spreads one of the most beautiful Czech cities, full of baroque buildings, bars, restaurants. The most important tourist attractions are second largest castle in Czech Republic and old-town square. This city kept original building few centuries old, some of them were built even before 18th century and since 1992 Cesky Krumlov is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Cesky Krumlov - výbìr do knihy

11. Bruges ( Belgium ) 

Bruges is located in Flenders, northern part of Netherlands and it’s one of the most beautiful towns of Europe. It has cosmopolitan charm that will capture your heart. Be sure to visit Basilica of Holy blood, Choco- Story Museum, Grote Markt, beautiful chocolate shops and historical houses.


12. Rothenberg ( Germany) 

This medieval town is located halfway between Frankfurt and Munich, in Bavaria. The main tourist attraction is medieval town center surrounded by undamaged 14th century city walls. Be sure to visit Market Square, Town Hall and its Tower, Medieval Crime and Punishment museum…


13. Sremski Karlovci ( Serbia) 

The city of Sremski Karlovci is located in Srem district in northern Serbia. This small charming cities and its streets will charm you with well-preserved baroque and neo-classicist buildings. During your visit, be sure to see Patriarch’s court, Karlovci Magistate, Four Lions Fountain, Karlovci High School ( the oldest Serbian high school founded in 1791), Church of St Nicholas, Church of St Peter and Paul, Strazilovo Hill, Karlovci Belvedere ( panorama point), Sremski Karlovci museum… Sremski Karlovci town is on map of  the Serbia Wine Road. This area is known for viticulture, so be sure to visit one of the 17 wineries in the city, attend Karlovci Grape Picking Festival and drink local wine.


14. Innsbruck ( Austria) 

The capital of Austrian region of Tirol, the 5th largest city in Austria and the largest ski resort on the Alps. Innsbruck has around 120 000 residents and it’s close to Munich and northern Italy. It was host of European Foodball Championship and Winter Olympics. This city is definitely one of the most visited alpine destinations and the one you have to see.


15. Marsaxlokk ( Malta)

Marsaxlokk is small fishing village on the south-east side of Malta. this picturesque little town has no modern buildings like hotels, apartments, houses. It has kept the old charm and spirit that make this city unique. When you are visiting this cute village, be sure to take a walk on Sunday and spend that day on local market.


Note: These are not my pictures. All of them were taken from Google. 


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