In the third Vienna district, on the Landstrasse, there is one of the most beautiful palaces of Europe! Belvedere is baroque palace with breathtaking gardens, made as a summer residence for Austrian Prince Eugene of Savoy, in 18th century. The complex is located on the southeast of the Old city center or the “Inner city” ( Innenstandt). Today, Belvedere is a museum, it which operates Austrian Gallery of Belvedere.

The chief architect was Johann Lukas, favorite architect of Prince Eugene. The sculptures in the garden were the work of the Venetian sculptor Giovanni Stanetti. The complex is divided into two parts : Lower Belvedere and Upper Belvedere. Lower Belvedere was constructed for just 4 years ( from 1712- 1716), with idea to be a small park  residence with  citrus fruit garden, library, gallery, antiques collection and several rooms for living. From the outside there is not so much luxury but inside the palace, you can see all the beauty and the wealth of the Austrian empire and its royal family. There are two impressive and the prettiest rooms of this part of the palace: The Marble Hall and The  Grotesque Hall. Prince Eugene lived and slept in the Marble Hall. Grotesque Hall is famous for its decorative walls, inspired by ancient Roman house. The famous fresco in the dome painted by Martin Altomonte, represents Prince Eugene as Apollo,  Greek god of beauty and art. Some people find that prince represents the savior of Christianity from the Ottoman Empire and their further conquest of Western Europe.

Upper Belvedere was built as a magnificent end or gate of the Belvedere garden, and is designed to maintain receptions or events. The construction lasted from 1720 until 1723. In 1955, the Austrian state contract was signed here, and this event was the beginning for the new modern Austria.

The Empress Maria Theresa bought this complex in 1752. During the rule of the Habsburg family, the  Belvedere  complex had expanded. Its last resident was the archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Gardens of Belvedere are some of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen. These gardens are typical french baroque gardens with numerous trees and flowers and impressive  fountains. The entrance for visiting gardens and seeing the outside of the castle is free. Thanks to the beauty and the huge space of the gardens, you can see a lot of people and residents of Vienna walking around the parks, running, relaxing on the lawns and spending some quality time with their friends and family.

I really enjoy the walk around this amazing, luxurious, simply gorgeous palace. Maybe my words can not explain the excitement and the joy I felt visiting this palace. My words definitely can not explain the beauty of this palace so I hope my photos will do it for me.

All the information about this palace, ticket prices and the exhibitions you can find here:

Belvedere Official Website

Imperial Austria – Belvedere













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