Viennese museums


National History Museum & Museum of Fine Arts 

On the Ringstrasse, one across the other, are settled, two largest and the most important museums of Vienna, the National History Museum and Museum of Fine Arts. National History Museum is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It’s founded in 18 century, from the Hof-Naturalien- Cabinet, the collection the was collected and founded by Habsburg dynasty. There are 39 halls in this museum, 25 millions of plant and animal exhibits and with 60  scientists who work there.  In this museum you can see all the wealth and the beauty of the life on Earth.

More information on National History Museum .

Museum of Fine Arts is the largest Viennese museum. Here you can see exhibits starting from ancient Egypt until the 18 century. The most important collections are the Renaissance and Baroque Italian, German, Spanish and Flemish painting school. This museum was also founded from the collection of the Habsburg dynasty. The most important collection is the one that collected Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in 17 century. The exhibits you can visit here are: The Gallery of the old masters, Egyptian-Oriental Collection, Antique Collection, a collection of objects of applied art and the Numismatic Museum.

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Hofburg Imperial Palace & Sisi museum 

This is one of my favorite museums. Hofburg Imperial Palace is now part of Austrian National museum, together with Museum of Fine Arts and National History Museum. These museums were built as part of the Imperial forum of Emperor Franz Joseph I. In the Hofburg Palace complex, you can visit numerous interesting museums: Museum of Efes, the Imperial treasury, treasury of religious items, museum of papyrus and museum of globes, Austrian museum of theater… There are showed exhibits like collection of old musical instruments, court collection of hunting trophies,  insignia of the Grand Duchy of Austria,  insignia of Austrian Empire, insignia of the Holy Roman Empire, the treasure of Burgundy and the knights of the Golden Fleece and the treasure of the Habsburg dynasty. The most important and the most visited museums and exhibitions are the Silver collection, the Imperial chambers and Sisi museum. The Imperial Silver Collection consists of the marvelous dinning services and the other two exhibitions allow you to enter the personal everyday life of the Imperial family. You can visit 19 Imperial chambers as are the bedrooms, dining rooms etc and find out a little bit more about the life of the most famous Austrian imperial couple. Sisi museum is dedicated the Empress Elisabeth, the wife of the Emperor Franz Joseph I. She was the most beautiful woman of her time, but not very happy one. The people of Austria loved her, so they called her Sisi. By visiting this museum you’ll have the chance to learn more about her sad life, despite of wealth. 

When it comes to tickets, there are three package or you can buy separate ticket for every one of these museums. In the first one, you’ll get an audio guide ( available in 11 languages)  and you can visit three attractions. The price is around 12 euros. The second one, allows you to visit the Imperial Silver Collection or the Sisi museum and the Imperial chambers. If you choose this package, you’ll take the tour with the tour guide. The price is around 15 euros. The last package, and the most expensive one consist of tours of Hofburg, Schonbrunn, and the Imperial furniture collection. The price for this package is between 25-28 euros.

More about  this museum complex you can find out on this site:

Hofburg museum

There are some other places and museums to visit around this complex, like Spanish riding school, Albertina museum, Austrian National Library…



Schonbrunn Palace 

Schonbrunn is the imperial summer residence, built in 17 century. After the collapse of the Empire, this palace became the museum. There are 1400 chambers in the palace. More than 2 000 000 tourists come to see one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe every year.  The price from tour ticket for this palace depend of the number of the chambers you are going to see. The shortest tours includes 22 chambers and the  longest tour include the 40 chambers. You can choose do you want an audio guide or a tour guide. Another option is to buy a Sisi ticket that includes visit to Hofburg, Schonbrunn and visit to the Imperial Furniture Collection. In this complex, you can also visit the museum of carriages, the oldest zoo in Europe, opened in 1752, labyrinth and Gloriette. The price for labyrinth is 3 euros and for the Gloriette 5 euros.

more information about ticket you can get on this site: Schonbrunn Palace Museum .


Belvedere Palace 

Belvedere is the complex of Baroque palaces built for the Austrian Price Eugene of Savoy. I’ll tell you little bit more about this palace is the next post but today I’ll share with you the most important things about this amazing Imperial residence. Here you can visit Lower and Upper Belvedere and the 21er Haus, new museum of the contemporary art. Here you can see the largest collection of Klimt’s works like world famous ” Kiss” and the works of the other famous painters like Egon Schiele and Oscar Kokoschka. Visiting the outdoor of the palace and the gardens of palace are free.

More about ticket prices you can find out here: Belvedere Museum .

All the ticket for the Imperial tours you can find and buy on this web-site: Imperial Austria .


Don’t forget to buy Vienna card, because you can get significant discounts for all the Viennese museums!



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