Hofburg Imperial Palace

Hofburg Imperial Palace was an official seat of Habsburg royal family. It’s located in center of Vienna, along the famous Ringstrasse, ending at Josephplatz and Michaelerplatz. The construction of this palace began in 1279, and since that, with small time breaks, it was official home to Austrian royal family, until the fall of Austrian-Hungarian Empire ( from 1438- 1583 and 1612-1806)During the 19th century until the 1918, Hofburg was winter palace.  Today, the new wing of the palace, Neae Burg, is the seat of Austrian president.

The residence of Austrian president is just one of the places you can see at this complex. Austria, and especially Vienna, are one of the best European capitals when it comes to number of museum. Only in this complex, you can visit 22 museums like Sisi museum, than Imperial apartments, the imperial treasury where you can see the crown of the Holy Roman Empire, more than 1000 years old, the Royal chapel, the place where every Sunday you can hear the singing of the Vienna Boys Choir… One of the most popular museums is Sisi museum. Empress Elizabeth, or Sisi, as Austrian people called here, was the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph and one of the most beautiful women of all time. She had everything, the fame, the beauty, but she had never really been truly happy. By visiting this museum, you have the chance to see some part of her life, the rooms she spend all here life. The prices for these museums depend of the number of attractions of museums you’re visiting, or do you have a guide or just an audio guide. Tickets cost approximately between 7,50 and 28 euros. You can always ask if you can get some discount as a student.

Beside these museums that are part of the palace complex, you can also visit National History Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and Albertina museum, but more about these museums you can read the some of the next posts. As a part of the Hofburg palace you can visit Spanish riding school, famous for its Lipizzaner ballet.

This palace is one of the biggest and prettiest in Europe. Walking around this palace, you can see the power and the wealth that once had the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Numerous monuments, parks, gardens, squares and amazing architecture are the landmarks of this Viennese royal palace.










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