During my stay in Vienna, my cousins took me to a spacial place in Vienna. They live in Vienna, but they’ve accidentally discovered this tourist attraction. They were riding on a streetcar, and suddenly saw this interesting and amazing building surrounded by trees on its balconies. It was Hundertwasser house, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna. Before my visit to this amazing art work, I made a little research and found out more information about this building. So, today, I want to share that and some of my favorite photos of this visit.


Located in Kegelgasse street, in the third district, this building is one of the most visited ones in Austria. Hunderstwasser house is designed by Austrian artist Frederich Hundertwasser also known as ” Austrian Gaudi”. With help of architect Joseph Krawina, these two made a living space, so spacial and unique. The construction lasted from 1983 to 1986. In this building there are 52 apartments and 4 business spaces, 16 private terraces and 3 common terraces on the roof. On the terraces and the roof top, there are more than 250 trees and bushes. Hunderwasser house is owned by the city of Vienna.

I was impressed by the beauty of this special building. This visit was one of my favorite ones during my trip to Vienna. I enjoy just looking at this amazing piece of art and that’s why I think I made some good photos to show you. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Until the next one, have fun!







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