The pearl of Vienna – Schönbrunn Palace


During my stay in Vienna, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful palaces I’ve ever seen. Schönbrunn Palace is former imperial summer residence . With 1441 room, this palace is one of the biggest and one of the most  important palaces in Austria. The summer home of Habsburg monarchs is surrounded by beautiful gardens, sculptures, fountains. This complex give the unique feeling to the tourists, the feeling like you are touching the  history.

This palace had been Habsurg residence from 18th century until the end of the World War I. After the end of the World War II, since 1960s, this palace has become a museum, one of the most visited tourist attractions in Vienna.

In 1569, in the place where once was Wien river, the royal palace Katterburg was built. This palace had the large hunting area, with ducks, deer, pheasants, wild boars. During the next century, this palace got the name Schönbrunn. During the 17th century, this palace was transformed into official Habsuurg residence and under the rule of Empress Maria Theresa, on the 60 meters high hill above the palace, the triumphal arch, Gloriette, was built .

This palace really took my breath away! I was impressed with its size and beauty. In this complex, you can also visit labyrinth and the oldest zoo in Europe, founded in 18th century. Schönbrunn Palace is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Prices for tours in this palace are depending of the number of the rooms you are visiting, or the part of the palace you are visiting. So, the prices are between 3 euros for Gloriette and 30 euros for the palace tours. More about tickets, working hours, tours and prices, you can see  on official web-site:

Once again, I have to say that this palace is one of my favorite tourist and historical sites in Vienna, so if you are going to this city soon, be sure to visit this royal residence.















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