Budget Travelling: Vienna


Vienna, as an European capital has a lot to offer. This is the city of music, art, with huge historical importance for European history, and above all, a charming and pleasant city, that will capture your heart.

Like in the post , I wrote about Prague, in this post, I want to share with you some of my experiences with cheaper travelling to this city and give you some advice how to save money while you are in this town.

The first  and most important thing is travelling. I came to Vienna by bus, from Serbia. It took about  10 hours to get there, but it paid off. From my city, Nis, there is not a flight to Vienna, so I took the bus. The cost of ticket is 75 euros, but I got student discount, so the ticket was 60 euros. During the ride, we got breakfast and coffee that are included in the price.


When it comes to accommodation, I stay at my brother and sister’s house, so I had no accommodation costs. If you have some relatives, I recommend you staying in their house if there is room for you. If you don’t, you can always stay in some hostel or budget hotel, like the one I recommended in the last post.

Getting around the city is easy. The city is well-connected. You can take uban ( subway), bus or streetcar. The best option is to buy a week transport ticket. This way, you can ride all around the city, using all the transport means, as much as you want. The price of the ticket is 16 euros.




Almost all the important sites in the city are free to visit. City cathedrals and churches, historical squares, palaces or their gardens are free. Entering some parts of palaces, like museums within them, or the zoo, or some gardens had to be payed. Museum prices are between 17 and 30 euros but you can always check if you can get some kind of discount.

Vienna is beautiful city, well-organized, with pleasant and friendly people. Spring walks around this European pearl are priceless. I hope I gave you some useful advice  and that you’re going t visit this amazing city soon. Be sure to tell me your thoughts.



Bon voyage, my dear travelers!


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