Budget travelling: Discover Prague and save money


Travelling the world is something we all dream about! Does it mean we have to have a lot money? No! You can always visit your friends and family who live abroad, or you can think a little and make a financial plan of your trip and actually save some money! Today, I will present to you and amazing site that will surely help you with your travel planning! It’s Personal Capital !

My destination for today’s post will be the golden city of Europe, Prague! I can see that I’m in love with this city and that I can’t wait to go there! So, I wanted to see how I can save some money while travelling to this city! Here are some of my suggestions…

The first and the most important thing, when it comes to travels, on my opinion is accommodation. Before I buy my transportation ticket, I love to book my stay. But, how to save some money on accommodation? Be sure to plan a good time of the year to travel. For example, in Czech Republic, the most of the residents take their vacations in July and August, so this is one of best times to visit this city, because you can find cheaper accommodation, like student dormitories. In this part of the year they are empty and they can be rented for your stay in Prague. Another season, good for visit in Prague is winter. Beside that Prague is magical under the snow, you can book cheaper stay in hotels, because this is not that busy season for hotels, and numerous  hotel rooms are empty.  The price is cheaper of Youth hotels per night is between 40-100 euros.  If this is also too expensive for you, you can find some of the sites that offers staying with local. Beside low price of accommodation, you will have a chance to meet the local people, and learn a little bit more about their lifestyle, local history and culture.

When it comes to transport costs, it depends of the type of transport you’re using. For example, you can book your flight earlier, at some low-cost company. This way, you’ll save a lot of money, instead going with top class companies. Or if you’re travelling by bus or train, you can get a discount if you are a student. The best way of travelling on my opinion is travelling by car. It’s not expensive, especially if you are travelling with your friends and you can split the costs. The best part of travelling by car is that you can stop anytime and visit every destination that you would like to see on your way to Prague.


When you’re finished with your travelling and accommodation planing, it time to thing about the food. Before you start your trip, check out on-line some good and cheaper restaurant, find out some good local place to eat and try local cuisine!

I have to say that I’m well-organized person, so before I start my trips, I love to find out as much as I can about top places to see in the city and of course, the discounts I can use. So, while I was researching about Prague, I found out about this amazing thing! When you can there, you can buy a Prague card, and get numerous discounts. For example, free public transport and entrance to numerous museums and galleries, discounts for bus sightseeing tours and boat ride on Vltava River. The price of this card depends of the number of days you’re staying. For 2 days, the price is between 33-48 euros, for 3 days between 40-58 euros, and for 4 days the price is between 47-67 euros.  Another way of saving sightseeing money, is by joining the free sightseeing  tour on the main city square. These tours are held two times a day, with two-hour duration. The guides, speak English and Spanish. This tour is free, but at the end of the tour, if you want and if you liked their work, you can give some tip to the guides.

“All of this, and a lot more, you can do and plan on Personal Capital, by using their personal finance software. You can also use their tools to manage your wealth and plan for retirement!” Here is an infographic to help you out with your planning!

I hope, you’ve found out some new ways to save money while you’re planning your trip to this beautiful, magical, city, rich with amazing history and culture, the only city that haven’t been destroyed during the World War II. I hope that I helped you and that by using this interesting and above all, useful, financial tools, you’ll find an easier way to plan your trip and save money, that I suppose you’ll spend in shopping!



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