Get to know Serbia- A day in Belgrade


Today’s post is going to be about Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia! I’m from Nis, the biggest city in southern Serbia. Even though it’s only a 3 hours drive from Nis to Belgrade, I do not visit Belgrade that often. So I decide to present you the biggest city in Serbia, the center of events of any kind, through one my day spent in this city.

One week ago, I’ve visited Belgrade Tourism Fair with my University friends. I’ve been visiting this fair for four or five years so far and every year I have opportunity to see and learn about new countries. It’s an  irreplaceable experience, especially for a person like me, who studies tourism and love travelling more than anything in the world.

But, let’s start with our little tour trough Belgrade center.

Some of basic tourist sites that you have to see are definitely the main street, Knez Mihajlova street, The Republic Square, Belgrade Fortress – Kalemegdan, The Winner’s monument, the Terazije square.. The best part is, that all of these sites are very close to each other, so you can visit all of them, and have a lunch or a coffee for an afternoon.

The Republic Square is a center place in Belgrade for events of every kind, the best place in the city to organize the meetings. It settled right next to National Museum, National Theater and Knez Mihajlova street. In the center of the square, there is a monument dedicated to the Serbian ruler, reformer of the law and the military, the patron of art, education, Knez Mihajlo.

You will continue your walk trough Knez Mihajlova street. This street is main pedestrian zone in the city, crowded by day and night, full of numerous shops and cafes. Here you can listen to the music of amazing street artists, take a look or buy some beautiful paintings, shop clothes or take a break and have a cup of coffee in one of the many cafes that are situated here.

After a long walk, like I had that day, you get very hungry, so we decided to take a break and have a quick snack. We continued are walk to the Terazije Square and had a lunch at fast food restaurant with Mexican food, “Buritto Madre”. There’s nothing better than having your lunch on the open air, eating buritto, churros and strawberry juice while having a view to the Terazije Square and Moscow Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Belgrade, and one of the cultural institutions. It was really refreshing and relaxing.

For the and of this gorgeous afternoon, we came back to Knez Mihajlova street and continued are little tour to the Belgrade fortress, Kalemegdan. Kalemegdan was a important military fortification, but today it?s a central park in the city and the place with the most beautiful sunsets in Belgrade. The fortress is full of monuments, cafes, basketball and tennis courts, museums and etc. The National Military museum is settled here in the fortress. Here you can find a monument dedicated to France, as a sign of gratitude from Serbian to French people, for their help during The World War I. The most important monument in the fortress is “Pobednik” or ” The Winner” are a reminder of all the victims of the World War I and again as a reminder of the Serbian- French friendship. This place is the symbol of Belgrade, a symbol of the bright future, the symbol of the optimism.  When you come to this place and see a piece of history right in front of you, and you see the place where Danube and Sava become one, than you realize that the most important thing is to remember your history, your family heritage but to look forward and communicate and became friends from people all over the world.

I hope that you have realized that Belgrade is the city of friendship, the city of opportunities, the city of fun. This one afternoon that I’ve spent in Belgrade is not enough to see all the great things that this city can offer, so I suggest you to take a week off and come to Belgrade and get to know this city the way it is, the way it lives, feel the vibes of its streets, feel the hospitality of its citizens.











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