The best pizza in town!

pizza "Bulevarac" ENG: I tried various cuisines, but Italian cuisine is definitely my favorite one. I can not live without pasta, cannelloni, lasagne, pancerote and of course pizza. My best friend and her family had opened a pizzeria and I'm not saying this just because of her, but they have the best pizza in my town. … Continue reading The best pizza in town!


Burritos and churros

ENG: Hello, my lovelies! Beside mz recipes and the meals I've prepare, on my blog you can read the restaurant review about the places I love to go to and eat their amazing food. I'm a real gourmand! I love to try verious cuisines, and so far my favorites are Italian, Greek, Spanish, Turkish  and Maxican cuisine! Everytime, … Continue reading Burritos and churros